We Love Golden Doodles

All our Goldendoodles  have been adopted



Goldendoodles are best known for their

intelligence and easy-going nature.

Great with children


Goldendoodles with AKC heritage

Low to no shedding. 

Their disposition is easy-going,  are easy to train and anxious to please.


The Goldendoodle coat is usually shaggy and wavy

 and will change often before they have shed their

puppy coat.  (about one year). Their coat also requires brushing.



  With positive reinforcement, the Goldendoodle is easy to train. 

They enjoy swimming, indoor and outdoor play.

Our Puppies







We have placed our puppies in homes

where they are loved and cared for

as a member of their family.



They are bred for the desirable coat characteristics

and for excellent easy-going nature and intelligence.






We do not expect more litters of  Goldendoodles